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"Discover The 10 Step Template Solution, That Will Have You Producing Cash Converting, Killer Copy With Simplicity & Ease!"

For Product Creators Starting Out Who DON'T Want To Take A Degree In Copywriting - Solve All Your Sales Copy Problems, Fast & Forever With An Easy To Follow, Simple Sales Letter Template, You Can Adapt For Your Ebook or Report, When you download SalesLetterABC today - you will literally be able to open it, read it once, and then put it to use. Keeping it open as a reference guide while you follow each of the ten simple steps.



"The ABCSolution To Creating Your Own Video Sales Letters That Increase Your Sales & Optins!"

(This was created before many of todays easy video tools were released. So it WILL Help with the content, But you may not require the video creation parts.)

You'll discover how easy making Videos for Your Sites can be!
No longer will slick-looking video presentations be reserved for those with the cash to hire people to do it all for them...
Now You'll be able to use the FREE Tools I show you to:
Create Your Own Video Sales Letters
AND Your Own Video Squeeze Pages
Not Only Will You Receive Video instruction showing you step by step how to use the tools,
But I'll also include templates and guides on what, how, and why to add in each section of your presentation!
It's A Lot Easier Than You Think When I Show You My Shortcuts!
You get everything:
* Video Training
* Audio Training
* PDF Manuals
* Links to Free Software
* Code and Instructions
* Instructions on Using Amazon S3
* Powerpoint Template
* OpenOffice Template
* HTML Webpage Templates


"Mastering Online Sales funnels To Maximize Your Profits!"

You've heard the old proverb, "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach him how to fish and he eats for life."
Now You Can get the habit of "funnel thinking" finally embedded in your subconscious when you invest in my Funnel Visions package today.

Here's what you'll instantly access...
4 Lessons: 10 pages each with screenshots, diagrams, and illustrations
4 Homework Assignments: To cement what you've been reading and help you make it part of your thinking
4 Checklists: That you can refer to, any time, to help jolt you back on target

We're using the principles of repetition and visual cueing, to help you grasp on a deeper-than-conscious level what sales funnel thinking is really all about.


"Here's A Quick Way To Generate Sales Exploding Listing Descriptions!"

See the actual descriptions that resulted in 600% more views than an identical item selling at the same time!

And grab the same Magic Auction Words & Phrases That made the difference between 2 almost identical items ending within an hour of each other. One received only 28 views and no bids, The other Sold after having 168 views for 350% more than the starting price!



"Time to sack your mentor when he tells you to lie!"

All too often we’ve seen gurus tell people to “Fake it til they make it!”
And too many people either take that out of context  – OR, as shown in the report, their mentor actually TELLS THEM TO LIE!
Not only do we NOT condone this type of marketing… But to go one step further
 In Salesmanship OR Lies you’ll discover:
An exact transcript of what one mentor told his $5k student.
Why Randy totally disagreed with the advice
(and actually turned down a copywriting job on principle)
And More Importantly:
What You Can Do Instead of Telling Lies!


We’re sure everyone who reads the report will learn something useful whatever stage they’re at, so we hope you enjoy today's free download



Headline Heist - 1000 Powerful Headlines To Choose From Each And Every Time You Needed To Think Of One?

I've complied 1000 headlines that I personally use for inspiration when I write copy professionally, in the exact way I go through them.

Each Headline has had the product or service removed and replaced with _________ Blanks. Thereby making it easy for you to read through inserting your own product or key benefit to get a feel for how it would read.

That way you can have a shortlist of 20 - 30 headlines that really work in far less time than many would spend thinking of just one. So your subhead are covered too :)


"Revealed: The Secret To Online Success Is NOT A Key!
It's A 7 Key Combination Lock!"

Extracting the 7 keys from John Thornhill, to allow everyone the same success!
John has been making a full-time income online for years now and has slowly but surely risen through the ranks of internet marketers to the point of being labeled a Guru to some and Mentor to others.

In this report, you'll learn the exact keys John told me I'd need to follow if I wanted to turn a few hundred a month income into thousands.
You've probably seen reports and eBooks all over the place offering the key to success - only to find that yes, the information was good, the content accurate, and even eye-opening......
AND YET - it just didn't give you the success you were desperately searching for?

That's because there isn't A Key - there's a Combination Lock of SEVEN waiting to be discovered in this report!


"The Copy Power List"
Add Impact, Power & Emotion To Your Copy!


This ebook is a massive collection of Ten Thousand Powerful words and phrases that will add Impact, Power & Emotion To Your Copy.

They will grab your prospect's attention, INFLUENCE them to visit your website, and PERSUADE them to buy your product!



"No Success With LOA, PMA & Goal Setting?... Your HEADPAINT is Wrong!"

Discover A New Path To Success With The Law of Attraction, Positive Mental Attitude & Goal Setting!
Do you have a line of 'patter', 'excuses', and 'lip service' answers ready prepared for people who discuss these topics - because you tried it all and you just don't get it. Are you even sure you UNDERSTAND any of it?

Here is an ebook that will finally take away any lack of understanding on all 3 subjects.

You'll 'get it' along with all the friends who've been trying to explain it to you, You may even help them gain a better understanding.


"The One Thing that ALWAYS Makes Sales!..."

The Words on your pages or in your pitch!
Listen in as Randy goes through this copywriting seminar recorded for you to listen at your convenience, and helping you master the art of using the right words to get those sales!


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I have been using Randy's services for a few years now and I am more than happy with the results he has given me. The fact he has laid out how he creates a sales page STEP-BY-STEPmeans even someone on the tightest of budgets can now afford his services. The way he walks you through the whole process is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend you check out this eBook. John Thornhill


Hi Randy, Thanks for asking me to take a look at your new eBook. I think it's a great idea and I'm amazed that nobody thought to create something like this sooner. Some of the most popular questions on marketing forums surround sales pages. It's still one of the most difficult tasks in marketing to do, yet there aren't that many resources out there to help people when it comes to creating your own sales page. I've been creating sales pages for over 2 years now and there are still things mentioned in your eBook that are new to me. So for anyone new to marketing or sales pages the eBook will be a great help. Congratulations on a job well done! Dan Thompson


Finally! It's about time somebody came up with this idea, and there is no better-qualified person than you Randy. When you sent me the ebook to review, I realized that it is an idea that nobody has bothered to cover yet in simple 'understandable' terms! How could something so important to sales be overlooked! Anyway, I have to say it is an excellent read Randy, it really does cover all the important steps in simple, understandable steps, and I have to say that this is an 'essential' ebook for anybody selling anything, as its techniques can be applied to any type of a product sales page. Nice one Randy! Dave Nicholson www.PLRMonthly.com


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