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Main Product -.Randy Smiths Stolen Webinar

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As well as having my own online business, I do some part-time consulting for other marketers. John Thornhill is one I am good friends with and he pays me to help with his high ticket Partnership To Success program.

This product is actually one of the weekly live training that I did for John while he was on vacation, After watching it on his return he called me and told me how impressed he was, and that he'd again picked up some great new insights himself... and even suggested I release this to help others marketers who are new to selling.

Upsell - 10 More Quality Products by Randy Smith

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EVERYTHING IS COVERED IN THE KITCHEN SINK UPSELL! The first Upsell is a Kitchen Sink-style package that contains 10 of the best products created by Randy.  They are all IM sales-related keeping in context with the front-end offer.  These products are still available individually but are heavily discontinued for this package w. Together they represent HUNDREDS of dollars of value!

Downsell - 5 of Randy Smiths Core Products

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These are Randy's 5 Core Products and include  Sales Letter ABC, Video Sales Letter ABC, FunnelVision, MagicAuctionWords & HeadlineHeist.

OTO2 - Randy's GDPR Plugin

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New App Gives You Immediate GDPR Compliance With "Copy & Paste" Simplicity For ANY App, Website Page You Own...

Without Needing Expensive Software or Investing Time Conducting Research!


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